About Us


UMR integrates our global partners’ services to provide comprehensive relief and development aid to underserved communities around the world. UMR accomplishes this humanitarian mission by blending advocacy, youth mobilization, disaster response, aid delivery, and empowerment through education.


To be a world leader in uniting partner organizations’ relief and development services to assist underserved communities in achieving the dignity of self-sustenance.

About Us

“There is nothing like this”, these are words we hear often. An organization that was launched by a group of students at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia who wanted to do something to help the victims of the Haitian earthquake is quickly turning into one of the the largest grassroots American Muslim organizations. With new chapters launching monthly and hundreds of dedicated volunteers, UMR has turned into a movement whose goal is to make a positive contribution to American society while showing the true spirit of compassion in Islam.

Domestically our students have fed thousands of homeless people on the streets of the United States while taking on the biggest challenges in international relief. UMR was the first international NGO to deliver medical aid to Benghazi during the Libyan crisis, and is now on the front lines in Syria. UMR utilizes a unique approach to relief, allowing young people to be involved in the transformative process of serving others from start to finish, employing our generation’s energy for the betterment of our American and global societies.

What makes UMR different is our people; the only qualities we look for in our staff and volunteers are passion, dedication and sincerity. From there, UMR focuses on building the individual. Our motto “Development Through Service” bears a message of changing lives at both ends: those who need our help, and those who want to help others.